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Image of teen books piled up

The Best Teen and Children's Fiction We've Read This Summer

Want to find some great new additions to your must-read list? Our Schools team is on hand with some fantastic recommendations!

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Nesting Primary School pupils with Renita

Six Steps to a Successful Schools Writer Residency

Developing a sustained project with a writer in your school or library can be a hugely fruitful experience, lending you the skills and perspective of someone who can help unlock children's creativity. In this blog post, author and poet Renita Boyle describes her series of mini residencies on Shetland, and outlines six steps to help you host a worthwhile residency.

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Pencil with shavings, Image by Alan Cleaver on Flickr

Our Top Five Resources for Reluctant Writers

Writing can be a challenge in the classroom, but as these resources show, there are lots of different approaches to the creation of a narrative. Featuring our brand new Getting Pupils Writing resource, this list will give you some great ideas to help the most reluctant of writers.

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Image of a pint of beer by Little Visuals on Stocksnap

Ten steps to creating alcohol monologues

Young people can discover the true power of creative writing when they discover its potential to capture the grit of life. In this blog post, English teacher Gordon Fisher explains how his pupils produced resonant dramatic monologues from the point of view of people affected by the alcoholism of loved ones. Gordon outlines his success criteria for the pupils to help you introduce this task into your classroom!

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Sarah Mussi

Lucky in Love - 13 Tips for Writing a Love Story

Sarah Mussi is a multi-award-winning author of children's and young adult fiction, including gripping thrillers and passionate romances. In this blog post, Sarah outlines 13 tips that will help you make sure you're not unlucky in the world of romance writing.

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Faye Bird

Why I Wanted to Write About Selective Mutism

Faye Bird was inspired to write her latest novel, What I Couldn't Tell You, after hearing the story of a young girl who suffered from Selective Mutism, an anxiety-related condition which leaves the sufferer largely unable to speak. In this blog post Faye tells us more about the condition and the challenges of conveying the main character's voice in her novel.

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Lynne Rickards in a classroom asking children questions

The Patron of Reading scheme - a Patron's view

The Patron of Reading scheme is a fantastic opportunity for a writer to create a sustained relationship with a school and help them achieve their goals. It's also a great chance to inspire children to develop a love of reading! In this blog post, author Lynne Rickards tells us more about her Patron of Reading post at Comely Park primary school, and gives her advice for a successful relationship with a school.

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Parents and pupils gathered in Comely Park Primary School assembly hall to celebrate the launch of P4's picture book

The Benefits of Having a Patron of Reading

If you want to create a buzz about reading and improve your pupils' writing, the Patron of Reading scheme might just be for you. In this blog post, primary teacher Katrina Lucas explains how having Lynne Rickards as Patron of Reading has energised and excited her pupils, and gives some tips to help you make the most of the initiative.

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Chris Kelso and students with copies of the magazine

How We Started a School Creative Writing Magazine

On the back of some inspirational author visits, school librarian Chris Kelso decided to keep momentum going by starting a creative writing magazine and asking for pupil submissions. The response was fantastic! Here, Chris tells us a bit more about the magazine and shares some tips on putting a magazine together.

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Image of an open book with 3D images set against a moody sky, by ClaraDon on Flickr

10 Augmented Reality Apps That Will Amaze You

Augmented reality apps are big on the wow factor - whether you're an adult or a child you'll be amazed by the way they can digitally enhance the real world around us! In this blog post, technology and school libraries consultant Bev Humphrey shares her favourite apps to digitally enhance books. Prepare to be app-solutely amazed (sorry).

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