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Lauren Child

Waterstones Children's Laureate tours Scottish schools

Lauren Child to inspire with her illustrations

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Catherine Rayner

Award winning illustrator visits Northern Ireland schools

Author and illustrator Catherine Rayner will visit schools in Northern Ireland as part of the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour.

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Joshua Seigal

Joshua Seigal kicks off first Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour of 2019

Poet Joshua Seigal will kick off the first Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour of 2019 by visiting schools in North and South Lanarkshire.

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David Almond writing tips

The Writing Process from Notebook to Novel

David Almond, award-winning author of Skellig and A Song for Ella Grey, shares his top tips on turning a messy imagination into neat and tidy printed pages.

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How the World Works cover

Christiane Dorion's Golden Rules for Engaging Children with Science and Sustainability

Author, environmental campaigner and education specialist Christiane Dorion shares her top tips for introducing scientific concepts in your classroom and igniting children's curiosity about the world around us.

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There's a Bear on my Chair cover

How to Draw a Smug Polar Bear and an Angry Mouse!

Ross Collins, author and illustrator of the hilarious picture book 'There's a Bear on My Chair', gives his top tips for drawing his two feuding characters - a smug polar bear and a very angry mouse!

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Christopher William Hill: Using Your Senses to Inspire Creative Writing

Christopher Willliam Hill, author of the gothic and gruesome 'Tales from Schwartzgarten' series, describes how you can use all of your senses to inspire fantastic stories.

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The Strange Disappearance of Mr Hyde: Pamela Butchart at Yewdale Primary School

Primary teacher Alison Birkett tells us about a fantastic creative writing project involving detectives, jelly and alien abduction!

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