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Library Shelves

How to Start Reading for Pleasure Again After Studying

Feel like studying in libraries has killed your reading for pleasure appetite? Read our tips on how to start really enjoying your reading again.

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Baby and mum with lift-the-flap book

Is Word Learning the Reason We Read to Children?

Bookbug's Tracy Cooper discusses how misleading research can impact on our choice of books

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Shelf Life: Reading For Pleasure

Do you read for fun? Read on to find out the benefits of reading for pleasure and what might be holding you back...

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Lover Books by Hazel Marie

The best literary love mash-ups for Valentine’s Day

Can you imagine Lizzie Bennet hooking up with Gale Hawthorne, or Daenerys Targaryen with Aragorn? Discover our favourite cross-over literary couples.

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reading resolutions

Down with Reading Resolutions

The New Year might bring new resolutions, but read on to find out why you might be better off not making any reading ones...

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Bibliotherapy: Books to Help You Cope With Teens

Has your formerly sweet child turned into a bewildering stranger? Here are some books to help you cope and understand what they're going through

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Multitasking by David Goehring Flickr

Bibliotherapy: Books for Those With Little Time to Read

Do you struggle to find time in your busy day to pick up a book? Here are some quick reads to calm the mind and nourish the soul.

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The Whys and Hows of Creating a Reading Den

Ready to create a reading den in your home? It's easier than you think, thanks to these tips from Zoe Toft

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6 Reasons You Should be Going to Aye Write This Year

Glasgow’s Book Festival Aye Write! is celebrating its tenth birthday this year. From the 17th to the 25th of April, Glasgow's iconic Mitchell Library will host a fantastic programme of literature and book events to celebrate the best in national, international and local writing with authors,...

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A pile of books, the Hague by Janelle Ward

How to Get Over a Reading Slump

We all get in a book slump every once in a while. Here's how to get out of it!

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