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boy shouting into microphone

5 Tips for Reading Your Writing Aloud

Reading your poems or prose aloud can be pretty daunting, but wowing the audience isn't as difficult as you might think. Boost your performance with a few handy hints.

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Nursery worker and child sharing a book

Why Book Sharing is More Than Just the Words on a Page

Early Years expert, Tracy Cooper, reassures us that book sharing doesn't always have to be about reading stories word for word.

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Child reading, Paul Watt

Bookbug Detective: Managing the Challenge of Reading Aloud

What if you find it hard to read aloud to your kid? The Bookbug Detective is here to help.

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Dad and daughter reading together

Do Mums and Dads Read Differently to their Children?

Tracy Cooper looks at research which suggests that mums and dads share picture books with their children in different ways

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Baby holding a book and looking at the camera

The Parent Trap: Can You Really Speed Up Your Child’s Development?

Marketers and the media want you to believe there are ways to speed up your baby's development, but is that actually possible? The process is actually simpler than you may think.

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Peter Pan Book Sculpture

How to Share the Magic of Stories with Children

Early Years Expert, Tracy Cooper, explores how we can inspire children to connect with books and reading.

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Mum reading with daughter

Recharging with Picture Books

Play can be tiring for children and parents alike - one mum explains how she recharges with picture books

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Toddler holding a book

The Reality of Reading to Toddlers

One mum discusses the realities of reading to her toddler, and strategies for getting the most out of this precious time with her son.

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Dad in library reading to daughter

Year of the Dad: The Difference Reading Makes

Douglas Guest of Fathers Network Scotland describes his own reading journey, and the impact sharing stories has had on him and his children.

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Chae Strathie

Chae Strathie’s Tips for Reading with Your Child

Chae Strathie gives us his four top tips for sharing stories with your child, filmed on location in Brighton as part of the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour. 1. Look through the book first before you read it with your child If you are already familiar with the story you will know what to...

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