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Books on Table

December: A Month in Books

We've rounded up some of December's best new book releases, because you can never have too many books!

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

10 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Arthur Conan Doyle

To mark the 230th anniversary of A Study in Scarlet's publication we've pulled together 10 fun facts about the book and author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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Record player with Wuthering Heights record

Top 10 Songs Inspired by Books

Drumroll please... The top 10 songs inspired by books or poems, as voted by you, are...

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Nourish cover on a smartphone

Celebrating Nourish During Book Week Scotland

Find out more about our Nourish project and the brand new eBook and audiobook available to download now.

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blue book week scotland logo

Welcome to Book Week Scotland 2017

Book Week Scotland is back! Find out what is happening during the week and how you can get involved in our celebration of all things reading.

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Book, e-reader, and cup of coffee

The Benefits of eBorrowing

Iain Robertson discusses his experiences with e-borrowing and how the technology has evolved to sit alongside traditional printed books.

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Poet Michael Pedersen

The Songs of my Writing Life: Michael Pedersen

We invited Scottish poet and Neu! Reekie! co-chief Michael Pedersen to create a playlist of the songs that have most influenced his writing.

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Love Heart on Open Book

5 Books to Nourish an Anxious Soul

Acclaimed children's author Annabel Pitcher takes us through some of her favourite books to help cure an anxious mind.

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Catriona Child, author

The Songs of my Writing Life: Catriona Child

Trackman and Swim Until you Can't See Land author Catriona Child shares her playlist of the songs that inspired her as a writer.

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Woman Browsing Books

Why Libraries Matter to Scotland's Communities

Guest author, Sean McNamara, discusses some of the reasons why libraries continue to remain so important to communities across Scotland.

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