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Family singing together

Song Power! How Singing Helps Children Learn

Tracy Cooper explains how singing to babies and young children cut through the noise and helps to develop their language and literacy skills

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Woman reading with baby

Learning Words and Loving Pictures

Tracy Cooper asks whether word learning should be the primary goal of reading with children

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Bookbug and little girl with globe

Going Global: Introducing New Languages at Bookbug Sessions

Learn about the introduction of songs and rhymes in different languages at Bookbug Sessions in Fife.

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Suzanne Zeedyk's inspiring talk

Introducing Inspiring Talks - new Bookbug videos

Watch Early Years experts discuss the benefits of reading to your children.

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Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales - cover detail

5 Reasons why fairy tales are good for children

Fantasy, magic and adventure can be a perfect training-ground for the real world. Here's why

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Image by Artotem from Flickr Creative Commons

Does parents' smartphone use affect their children?

Senior Early Years Trainer Tracy Cooper considers the impact of smartphone use on children

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Mum cuddling child

Brain development: what’s love got to do with it?

Tracy Cooper on why love and affection plays a crucial role in a baby's development

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Baby Babbling

Baby Talk: The importance of babbling

Senior Early Years Trainer Tracy Cooper asks: What's more important when you talk to a baby - what you say, or how you say it?

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'Wave' by Suzy Lee

5 tips for sharing wordless picture books

Top book-sharing tips from Tracy Lowe

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Using music to develop your child's language skills

Senior Early Years Trainer Tracy Lowe discusses the impact of songs and rhymes on language development.

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