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Juliette Forrest portrait

Juliette Forrest: How I Found the “Voice” for my Debut Novel

Giving voice to a fully fledged protagonist can be tricky. Author Juliette Forrest shares her process while writing her debut novel, Twister.

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Geraldine and the cover of her book

Writing (but not Visiting) St Kilda

Award winning writer Geraldine McCaughrean lets us in on a little secret about writing place - imagination is key!

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Miranda Doyle and the cover of Book of Untruths

Writing Memoir: How I Write Life

Miranda Doyle delves into what it means to write a memoir. Don’t tiptoe round the edges, hoping to keep those best shoes of yours clean. Get right into the heart of your subject, no matter how personal it is.

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Iain Bain

On Trying to Write 'Funny'

New Writer Awardee, Iain Bain, talks us through the process of writing 'funny'.

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Maggie Mayhem at the Castle

Maggie Mayhem: When and How I Write

Finally, a dog has taught her human to type up her commandments for others in How To Take Care of Your Human.

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Ben Davis

How I Write: Juggling Life, Work, and Writing

Somehow, between delivering mail, writing young adult books, and planning for his new baby, Ben Davis found a moment to tell us about how he juggles it all, using his workplace as way to dream up plot lines.

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How I Write: The Calmness of Place

One of our Gaelic New Writer Awardees steps away from her stunning view to tell us about how she needs total silence and unique inspiration to write her Gaelic stories for children.

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Michael Richardson

How I Write: The Trick is to Keep Writing

Current New Writer Awardee, Michael Richardson, tells us the three main ways he keeps the writing flowing when crafting new work.

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Squire's mind map doodle

How I Write: the Pull of the Sentence

New Writers Awardee Claire Squires tells us how she balances the similarities and differences between writing scholarly articles and creative fiction.

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How I Write: Building Interesting Scenes

How I Write: Building Interesting Scenes

Previous New Writer Awardee Helen Godfrey talks about how to build an interesting scene. She talks about using the 5 points of protagonist, antagonist, conflict, setting and twist to create something that develops a story and draws in a reader.

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