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The Jacobite Train crossing over Glenfinnian Viaduct

6 Great Scottish Days Out for Book-Loving Families

Need some ways to fill the school holidays? Take the kids on some book-related outings they'll love!

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Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Rebellious reads: 5 great rebels in literature

These rebels' quiet or earth-shaking actions made them memorable

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Haunted Reads: Four favourite Hallowe'ens in Literature

From Ichabod Crane to Ray Bradbury, our four favourite creepy reads

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Beach Reading, image by anjum, courtesy Flickr creative commons

SBT Picks: Holiday Reads

Summertime calls for lazy holidays on a beach or in a garden with a good book. Or, at least, a good book and a comfy chair or sofa. If you’re not sure what to pick up on your way to the airport, maybe you’ll find some inspiration amongst the books SBT staffers are diving into. What’s your favourite...

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