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cartoon of two heads swapping ideas

5 Tips for Writing a Rounded Disabled Character

Andrew Pettigrew, a sixteen-year-old, prize-winning writer and poet who lost his sight and hearing before the age of 11, shares his insight into writing plausible and relatable disabled characters.

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Gavin Inglis portrait

5 Routes into Writing for Games

If you'd love to get into writing games but have no idea where to start, get stuck into this excellent advice from game and fiction writer Gavin Inglis.

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Fountain pen writing

How to Write Your Author Bio

Take the stress out of writing or updating your author bio with five tips for getting it nailed.

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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Writing

A little messiness can be conducive to creativity, but scehduling a spring cleaning session can have some big benefits for your writing.

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Five Reasons to Publish an Ebook

Interested in self publishing an ebook? Author Rupert Wolfe Murray looks at the ins and outs.

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People writing at table

Five Ways to Perk up Your Writers’ Group

Feeling as though your writers' group has lost its spark? Literary consulatant Sam Boyce shares her top tips for reigniting the passion.

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Ross McCleary Portrait

5 Tips for Organising a Spoken Word Event

Organising a spoken word event is a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun. Poet, performer and organiser Ross McCleary shares his tips for a top night.

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Christmas decorations

Five Ways to Stay Focused on Your Writing over the Holidays

There's no need to write off the whole of the holidays: stay sharp with our tips for keeping your head in the writing game.

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School children at an event

Steve Cole: 5 Ways to Avoid Disaster During an Author Event

Steven Cole, guest at our recent Schools Lab, shares some excellent tips for authors and creators who want to ensure a smooth event

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Alan Dapre portrait

5 Things to Remember when Writing for Children

Want to write children's books that inspire and excite your readers? Author Alan Dapré has some great advice for getting started.

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