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Kids with shortlisted books

Why YOU Should Take Part in the Bookbug Picture Book Prize

According to the teachers and librarians we work with, getting involved in the Bookbug Picture Book prize is a great way to get your pupils excited about reading. Check out this blog to hear directly from them about how the prize has made a difference in classrooms across Scotland!

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Image of crowds at Black Friday sale by John Henderson on Flickr - resized and cropped

Using Radiohead Lyrics to Discuss Consumerism in Class

Consumerism, advertising and their effect on mental health is something we really need to talk about with teenagers. In this blog post, find out how some Radiohed lyrics and a short story called 'Jumper' by Garrett Adams can be used as a springboard for some highly worthwhile discussions.

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From The Rabbits by John Marsden and Shaun Tan

How I've used picture books for older children in the classroom

In our first teacher interview of 2017, primary teacher Janice Paterson tells us about her favourite picture books for older children and how they have opened doors for the reluctant and struggling readers in her class.

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Image of books in a market by freddie marriage on Unsplash

10 Fascinating Books for Teachers and Librarians About Reading

The market is saturated with books telling you how to teach - but in this blog post, literacy consultant Bill Boyd gives you something a bit different! Rooted in the belief that all teachers can reap rewards from a love of reading, Bill suggests ten books to help you think more deeply about the world of story and humans' interaction with it.

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a decorated box with various objects representing the plot and ideas in Grandpa's Great Escape by David Walliams

Book Reviews in a Box: Supporting Discussion of Reading

Teacher Janice Paterson came up with this wonderful idea to help pupils articulate their understanding of the books they'd been reading. We caught up with her for an interview to find out more!

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Numbers on race track

#BookbugPrize: How to Link Voting with Numeracy

In the run up to our voting deadline for The Bookbug Picture Book Prize on 8 December, we share some ideas and inspiration for linking numeracy to voting in the classroom.

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A teenager writing

Our Top 6 Classroom Resources for Comics and Graphic Novels

Whether they're reading them or writing them, comics and graphic novels can offer something to pupils at all ability levels. Writing a comic strip involves lots of critical thinking, and they can also offer an easier reading experience for less confident pupils to engage with. In this blog post we list our most popular resources to help you introduce graphic novels and comics into educational settings.

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Image from the Manga Shakespeare version of Hamlet

Do Graphic Novels Make Shakespeare 'Easier'?

Many of us would assume that comic book adaptations can make difficult texts, such as Shakespeare, accessible and engaging for pupils. But with so many adaptations available, how would you go about choosing the one best suited to your teaching context? This blog looks at two examples in detail and raises important questions about each. It also challenges the idea that comic books necessarily make things easier for pupils.

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What Makes a Good Book Trailer?

Creating book trailers is a fantastic task to develop pupils' writing and critical reading skills. But in order for it to be effective, you've got to know how to assess the task! In this feature, we deconstruct a book trailer for Danny Weston's novel, The Piper, by Katie Hancock and Gemma Hills from The Mary Erskine School, and ask the girls some questions about the way they put the trailer together, to help illustrate how you can assess the task and the quality of the learning that's taken place.

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Scottish Children's Book Awards Shortlist

SCBA: Tick Voting Off Your List

It's time to cast your votes for the Scottish Children's Book Awards!

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