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Stack of children's books

5 Things: What Editors Look for in a Kids' Book Submission

You've got an idea (or maybe even a finished book)--well done! But what now? Writer and editor Jennifer Bowden has some valuable advice to help you stay out of the dreaded slush pile.

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Bookbug Detective: Best Book for a 5th Birthday?

Not sure what to buy for a special little someone's upcoming birthday? Fear not: we've got some great new titles for you to check out!

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Author Confessions: Louis Sachar

Author Confessions: Louis Sachar

Award-winning children's author Louis Sachar steps into our confessional, telling us what he's most proud of and whether writing is a pain or a pleasure.

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Numbers by Denise Krebs (Flickr Creative Commons)

Books and Numbers: To Infinity and Add One

The most effective way to use books and rhymes to start teaching your child numbers

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Pirate Pack postcard

Bookbug Detective: What to do with the Bookbug Pirate Postcards

Wondering what to do with the postcards your child received in their Bookbug Pirate Bag? Here are a few ideas.

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6 Teens' and Children's Books to Read This Summer

Searching for something to read over the summer? Check out our Learning Team's top picks!

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5 Children's Book Adaptations to Look Forward To

Keep an eye out for these exciting new releases based on teens' and children's books

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Photo of children laughing at an Authors Live event, Image by Derek Farrell

Our Top 5 Funny Bits from Children's Books

5 rib-tickling scenes from contemporary children's fiction

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Let Books Be Books: Pirates Are for Girls Too

An 8-year-old fights back against gendered marketing

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James Carter

James Carter Tour Journal

In March 2014 The Scottish Friendly Book Tour took the brilliant poet James carter for a week long tour round schools in Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire. We visited over 1000 children in 10 different schools from P2 all the way to P7. James played guitar, piano and keyboard and had all the...

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