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Cat in the hat

Important Lessons from the World of Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss's worlds and creatures have long inspired readers of all ages and today would have been his 113 birthday! Here are some wonderful lessons we've picked up from his stories, in the style of Dr Seuss obviously...

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10 of the Most Memorable Dogs in Fiction

You probably didn't get a puppy for Christmas, but don't despair! We're here to share some of the most celebrated canines from fiction to celebrate Tin Tin (and Snowy's) 88th birthday.

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10 of the Most Memorable Pigs in Fiction

To celebrate National Pig Day we've rounded up some of the best pigs that pop up in fiction.

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Memorable Animals in Fiction

Do any of these furry faces look familiar? Here are some of the most memorable animals in books.

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Charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo by Lady Elizabeth Southerden

5 Characters Who Met Their Waterloo

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle coined the term ‘to meet one’s Waterloo’ in Return of Sherlock Holmes. Here we identify some characters who thought they were invincible. They were wrong.

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I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen

10 of the Most Memorable Rabbits in Fiction

To celebrate the anniversary of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, we've hunted down the best bunnies in books

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Bookbug Pirate logo

Arrr! Bringing books to life

What happened when Tracy Lowe visited a nursery dressed up as a pirate?

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Sean Connery as James Bond

YOLO Book List

We salute characters who live life to the fullest

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Alison Steadman as Mrs Bennet in Pride and Prejudice

Bad Mothers in Literature

In the wake of Mothering Sunday, we take a look at some of the worst mothers in literature, from the irritating to the purely evil.

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