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Girl choosing books off the shelf

5 Reasons To Let Your Little One Choose the Books

Why it makes sense to let our children choose the books they would like to be read.

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Mother reading to baby on black backdrop

The Long Road to Literacy

As we celebrate UNESCO's International Literacy Day, we examine how babies begin their journey to literacy through song, rhyme, play and conversation.

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Blue rhino celebrating his birthday

Bookbug's Book Of The Month: Rhymoceros by Janik Coat

Win a copy of the fantastic new board book, Rhymoceros, by Janik Coat

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Marianne Fraser with Fiona and Colin from Fort Early Years Centre, Leith

Making Music with Marianne Fraser

Our musician-in-residence, Marianne Fraser, writes about her experiences of bringing live music to children at an Early Years Centre in Edinburgh.

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Mum clapping with baby boy

Bookbug Detective: Modern Nursery Rhymes and Songs

Tired of reciting the same nursery rhymes over and over again? Bookbug Detective is here to help!

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Front cover with frog on log

Bookbug's Book of the Month: Oi Frog! by Kes Gray & Jim Field

Win a copy of the hilariously funny Oi Frog! by Kes Gray and Jim Field in Bookbug's Book of the Month.

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Bringing Stories to Life with Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson talks about the characters she most loves to bring to life, along with the latest ones to appear in her new show, 'Gruffalos, Ladybirds and Other Beasts'.

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Decorated wooden spoons

The Music of Spoons

Carol Laula, Early Years Music & Story Specialist, explains how wooden spoons can be used to make music with children.

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Monster riding a bicycle through the woods

Bookbug's Book of The Month: Bedtime for Monsters by Ed Vere

Enter the Bookbug Book of the Month competition to win a copy of Bedtime for Monsters, the perfect story to read with your little ones before bed.

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Mother and baby reading

Behind The Scenes: How The Books In Your Bag Are Chosen

Ever wondered how the books are selected for our Bookbug bags? Find out more about our selection process.

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