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Family sharing Who's That?

Bookbug Detective: Photographic Books for Little Ones

Bookbug Detective helps a family looking for something for a little girl who loves Rod Campbell's Who's That?

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Child reading, Paul Watt

Bookbug Detective: Managing the Challenge of Reading Aloud

What if you find it hard to read aloud to your kid? The Bookbug Detective is here to help.

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Scene of dad and daughter from Baking with Dad

Picture Books to Help Celebrate LGBT History Month

Brilliant picture books for LGBT History Month.

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Mother, baby and toddlers

Preparing Little Ones for a New Arrival

Bringing a new baby into the family has an impact on everyone. Here are some tips from Dr. Christine Puckering on how you can help prepare young children.

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Mum and boy holding hands

Bookbug Detective: Picture Books to Help Separation Anxiety

Bookbug Detective is back with advice on picture books that deal with separation anxiety issues

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Baby boy looking at books in the library bookshelves

Bookbug Detective: Interactive Books for Little Ones

Bookbug Detective recommends some books for toddlers who like to lift flaps, make noise, and maybe even chew their books.

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Girl on hospital bed with stethoscope

Bookbug Detective: Books About Going to Hospital

Bookbug Detective is back with books that can help children who are anxious about going to hospital

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Young boy on sofa with magazine

Bookbug Detective: Encouraging Reluctant Readers

Bookbug Detective is back with some wonderful hints and tips to encourage reluctant readers.

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Baby on a laptop

Bookbug Blogs: The Best of 2015

We take a look at the key themes and highlights of the Bookbug blog in 2015.

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Fox and hen from Rosie's Walk

Bookbug Detective: Brilliant Books for New Babies

Bookbug Detective gives some great advice for anyone looking to buy books for a newborn baby.

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