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Composite image of the three shortlisted authors for the Bookbug Picture Book Prize 2016

The Bookbug Picture Book Prize 2017: Meet the Authors

Today we celebrate the launch of our brand new Bookbug Picture Book Prize, inviting children across Scotland to vote for their favourite book from the shortlist. What better way to kick off than by introducing the authors and getting the chance to watch them read their books in full?

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Sea Otters on the cover of Together by Emma Dodd

Bookbug Book of the Month: Together by Emma Dodd

Win a copy of Together, a beautiful story of a sea otter who spends a day learning and playing with his mummy

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Image of a surprised cat

Five Picture Books Which Would End In Disaster

There's a reason why people read children picture books and don't show them, say, David Cronenberg films: it's because picture books are generally nice, and Cronenberg movies are decapitation-heavy. And yet, picture books assume the very best about human beings and the animal kingdom, as well as disregarding the caprice of Mother Nature. So which picture books would end bloodiest? Let's find out...

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Pug on the front cover of I will love you anyway

Bookbug Book of the Month: I Will Love You Anyway by Mick and Chloë Inkpen

Win a copy of I Will Love You Anyway, a charming story about a badly behaved dog and the one person he can count on.

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William Sutcliffe

Four Books I Loved While Growing Up

William Sutcliffe is the author of Concentr8, a gripping novel for teens, as well as The Wall, which was shortlisted for the 2015 Scottish Children's Book Awards. In this blog post, William tells us more about the fiction that captivated him as a boy.

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Image of teen books piled up

The Best Teen and Children's Fiction We've Read This Summer

Want to find some great new additions to your must-read list? Our Schools team is on hand with some fantastic recommendations!

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Picture of boy pushing dolls in a pram

Bookbug Book of the Month: Clive and his Babies by Jessica Spanyol

Win a copy of the brilliant Clive and his Babies in our Bookbug Book of the Month competition

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Sarah Mussi

Lucky in Love - 13 Tips for Writing a Love Story

Sarah Mussi is a multi-award-winning author of children's and young adult fiction, including gripping thrillers and passionate romances. In this blog post, Sarah outlines 13 tips that will help you make sure you're not unlucky in the world of romance writing.

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Faye Bird

Why I Wanted to Write About Selective Mutism

Faye Bird was inspired to write her latest novel, What I Couldn't Tell You, after hearing the story of a young girl who suffered from Selective Mutism, an anxiety-related condition which leaves the sufferer largely unable to speak. In this blog post Faye tells us more about the condition and the challenges of conveying the main character's voice in her novel.

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Karen McCombie, author of the OMG blog

10 of my Favourite Mother-Daughter Relationships in Children's Books

Queen of tween Karen McCombie's new novel, The OMG Blog!, is a hilarious look at what happens when a group of teenage girls' mums push them too far! The world of children's books is full of memorable mother-daughter relationships - in this post, Karen tells us about some of her favourites.

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