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Sarah Shaffi

Sarah Shaffi: Developing Opportunities for BAME Writers

Our Authors Live: Unheard Voices event is (now available on demand) features a panel of three writers speaking about the struggle to make a diverse range of voices heard in the writing industry. In the latest of our blog series to support the event, journalist Sarah Shaffi speaks about what a truly representative UK publishing industry might look like, and outlines some positive developments.

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Non Pratt

Non Pratt: Capturing Teen Friendships in Second Best Friend

Teen friendships can be tough, and as YA author Non Pratt says in this interview, it's often a challenge for friends to stick together through times of change. Find out about Non's new book, Second Best Friend, and her thoughts on capturing teen friendships in this blog post.

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Image of girl running in woods by Alex Grodkiewicz on

5 Tips to Explore Gothic Fiction with Children

Gothic fiction always guarantees an atmospheric, thrilling experience for young readers - and with its restrained, measured amounts of fright, it's a perfect avenue for children who like to be scared without all the blood and guts of full-on horror. In this blog post, PhD student Lauren Christie gives some great starting places for exploring Gothic fiction.

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Pupils from Boclair Academy

7 Teen Books You Need to Read, as Chosen by Pupils from Boclair Academy

Our Pupils Recommend series gives you a great chance to find out what teenagers across the country are reading and enjoying. Check out the latest installment from pupils at Boclair Academy.

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Nicholas Bowling

Nicholas Bowling: do long words make for good writing?

Nicholas Bowling's debut novel, Witchborn, is a dark, twisty and thrillingly original Elizabethan fantasy, exploring true history through a magical lens. In this blog post, Nicholas talks about his time as a teacher, and his belief that complex vocabulary can be a fun and engaging thing for pupils to learn.

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Covers of some of the included books

33 Great Scottish Fiction Titles of 2017

2017 was another great year! Fill up your TBR list with some of these fantastic titles.

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Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller

Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller on Collaborative Writing

Acclaimed novelist Kirsten Miller has been writing collaboratively with actor Jason Segel since their first children's book, Nightmares!, was published in 2014. Now the duo have paired up again to write their first novel for young adults, Otherworld, a futuristic thriller about technology gone horribly wrong. In this interview, Kirsten and Jason tell us more about how they work together.

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Cathy MacPhail and The Evil Within

Cathy MacPhail on her adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde for children

Cathy MacPhail's book 'The Evil Within' tells the story of how young Dr Henry Jekyll become Mr Hyde, and introduces Stevenson's classic tale to a young audience. In this interview, we find out more from Cathy about how she created the dyslexia friendly title for publisher Barrington Stoke.

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Two girls from Duncanrig Secondary School

10 teen books you need to read, as chosen by pupils from Duncanrig Secondary School

Our Pupils Recommend series gives you a great chance to find out what teenagers across the country are reading and enjoying. Check out the latest installment from pupils at Duncanrig Secondary School.

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Jonathan Meres

Jonathan Meres: 5 Tips for Writing from Experience

Jonathan Meres is the author of the hilarious World of Norm series, and he's back with a new book, Mint Choc Chip at the Market Cafe. The book is published by Barrington Stoke, which specialises in super-readable titles that are ideal for less-confident readers. In this blog post, Jonathan talks about how his own experience working on a market stall inspired the new book, and gives his top tips to help young writers 'write what you know'.

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