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Notebook and pencil

75% of a Poem

Keith Gray explores the current approach to creative writing in schools. Keith is currently on the Scottish Friendly Children's Book tour enthusing pupils in Lincolnshire on reading and writing for pleasure.

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Agatha Christie

Between the Covers: Agatha Christie Does a Gone Girl

Famous woman disappears under mysterious circumstances? Sounds like the makings of a bestseller...

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Cornelia Funke

An Interview with Cornelia Funke

Cornelia Funke is the highly acclaimed author of the Inkheart trilogy, as well as a host of celebrated titles for children. She's also a fascinating character, drawing on many different literary influences and interested in a wide range of historical settings which feed into her writing.

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Kazuo Ishiguro. Matt Carr/Getty Images

Five Things We Learned About Kazuo Ishiguro

What did we learn when Ishiguro discussed The Buried Giant?

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Adapting Austen: Why I love Emma Approved

Five reasons to check out the latest Austen adaptation

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Dorothy Dunnett

Vote for your favourite Dorothy Dunnett Novel

Lymond, Niccolo, Johnson or King Hereafter--tell us which of her books you think are best

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