Authors Live: Sav Akyüz

Picture book illustrator and storyboard artist in the advertising industry, Sav Akyüz, shares his drawing tips and advice for young people considering a career in illustration. 

Learning resources

Sav has worked on a variety of TV campaigns to visually tell a story through his work as a storyboard artist. If you feel inspired by the event, why not use our How to write and shoot a scene resource to film your own short scene, campaign or trailer? 

If you only do one thing

If you are pressed for time but still want to do an activity around Sav's event, why not create your own storyboard inspired by Sav's artwork? You can see a selection of his work on his website and his instagram page

Storyboard EXA 3-03a, EXA 3-07a, LIT 3-20a, LIT 3-24a, LIT 3-26a

Decide on a scene from a book that you would like to illustrate. Take a monent to think about the scene, and how you would divide it up into shots to appear on screen. Divide a piece of paper into squares. In each square, draw what the camera will see and write underneath what action is taking place. The drawings do not have to be too detailed or great works of art; using stick men and basic outlines of objects will do just fine. The aim is to think about the shot layout, your squence of images and how you will tell a story through those images. You could make notes about any messages or emotions you want to convey in your scene, and how you want the viewer to react when they see watch this sequence of images. 

A full transcript of this event is available here.

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