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Summer has started, and there's lots to look forward to! In this edition of Book Talk, host Ryan Van Winkle takes a few moments to sit down with Irish author Kevin Barry, whose most recent collection of short stories, Dark Lies the Island, was published last year on the heels of his critically lauded novel, The City of Bohane. Barry is as much a poet in speech as he is on the page as he discusses where he finds his inspiration, how he got into writing short stories, how they've improved his writing and what we can expect from the dizzying, brutal world of Bohane. Then it's off to Charlotte Square to hear what this year's Edinburgh International Book Festival has in store. Find out what has Janet Smyth, director of the children's programme, and Nick Barley, the festival director particularly excited this year. Finally, hear from Richard Holloway, who reads his Treasures story -- a touching saga of a painting that represents everything that's important to him. Have a minute, check out more stories from celebs and the public here.

Downloads of Icelandic pop bands as inspiration, the joys of graphic novels, a glimpse into the future and the beauty of birds -- it's all here, and more!

Podcast contents:

0:00   Introduction
1:10   Kevin Barry interview
8:34   Excerpt from Dark Lies the Island
15:10 EIBF preview with Janet Smith and Nick Barley
26:16 Richard Holloway reads his Treasures story



Edinburgh International Book Festival
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