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Book Week Scotland 2013 kicks off next week, and in this special edition of Book Talk, host Ryan Van Winkle gives us a preview of just a few of the exciting events to come! Scottish Book Trust's Head of Reader Development, Philippa Cochrane, and Reader Development Administrator, Sasha de Buyl get things started by sharing where you can find out about the events happening near you and which events they're most looking forward to attending.

Next, award-winning author Ewan Morrison (whose latest novel, Close Your Eyes, was featured in our last book discussion podcast) discusses the workshops he ran throughout Scotland, encouraging people to get involved in Treasures. Find out what frequently appearing artifact surprised him most and how he dug down to find out what people really valued (it wasn't necessarily what they brought to the workshop!). Then, stick around and listen to him read his own Treasures story, featuring Batgirl and late American rocker, Kurt Cobain.

Ready to discover all the National Library of Scotland has to offer? The library's reader in residence, Kate Hendry, has a full roster of events planned for Book Week Scotland. You'll have a chance to take your kids (or just yourself!) to the reading rooms during off hours to explore some of the millions of volumes the library has to offer, and try your luck at the book giveaway--who knows what fascinating volume you might grab out of the box? There will also be a pop-up books event for children aged 4-7, a Wikipedia relay for prizes, lectures and much more. Click here for a full listing of the National Library's events.

Finally, Sara Sheridan, bestselling author of the Mirabelle Bevan mysteries, rounds things out by talking about the joys of writing a series, what drew her to the 1950s and how she's trying to give the 'cosy crime' genre the edge it had back in Agatha Christie's day. You can see Sara during Book Week Scotland at these events.

There's all this and much more in this exciting edition!

Podcast contents
00:00-01:20 Intro
01:20-06:43 Philippa Cochrane and Sasha de Buyl discuss Book Week Scotland events
06:43-11:55 Ewan Morrison talks Treasures
11:55-17:55 Ewan Morrison reads his Treasures story
17:55-24:36 Kate Hendry shares what the National Library of Scotland has planned
24:36-34:19 Sara Sheridan interview

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